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Did you want to be the one who captured Alias Smith and Jones, or the BeastMaster? Have you always wanted to be tied up like The Dukes of Hazzard, or Supernatural's Winchester brothers? If so, enjoy these video stills from my collection of guys tied up or bound in movies and TV shows.

"A Little Egypt in Gotham"

Dick Grayson is kidnapped by King Tut and threatened with ritual sacrifice if the ransom isn't paid.

Dick Grayson cruised along, riding home from school on his bicycle. His guardian - millionaire Bruce Wayne - had given him a new car a few months earlier on his eighteenth birthday, but Dick still preferred his bike. It was a great way to keep up stamina for his and Bruce's outings as Batman and Robin. Whenever they had to fight a gang of toughs, Dick was glad that he had stayed in good shape. Besides, he just enjoyed the peace and quiet of the bike rides.

He had nearly left Gotham City approaching the road that led to Wayne Manor when he saw a woman standing in the road ahead. Well, she wasn't so much standing as -- belly dancing? Dick pulled up in front of the woman. He was about to ask why she was dancing in the road when four men dressed in Egyptian garb pounced out of the nearby bushes and tried to grab him.

Dick dismounted the bike and began to fight. He put up a good struggle, but the four were too much for him to overcome. Two of the men yanked Dick's wrists behind him and tied them as another tied his feet. The remaining man kept a hand over Dick's mouth to stop him from calling for help. They then carried him to a nearby van and loaded him into the back. Just before closing the door, one of them produced a liquid-soaked cloth and placed it over Dick's nose and mouth. "Chloroform! I should've guessed!" thought Dick, just before everything went dark.


When he came to, Dick saw that he was in some kind of warehouse that had been decorated to resemble a palace. His hands and feet were tied spreadeagle between two posts. Taking further inventory, he found that his attackers had removed his shoes and socks and dressed him in some kind of tunic - Egyptian, Dick supposed, based on the look of the men who attacked him. He wondered if King Tut might have something to do with this.

Just then, his fears were confirmed as King Tut stepped out from behind the makeshift curtains, accompanied by the men who had abducted Dick.

"Ah, it seems my little meal ticket has woken from his slumber," he said.

Dick was careful not to reveal that he'd encountered King Tut before. "Who are you? What are you going to do with me?"

"I'm going to use you to make ten million dollars. And if your rich guardian doesn't come through, you'll be ritually sacrificed at sundown tomorrow. Does that answer your question?"

"You wont get away with this! The police will find me and put you away where you belong."

"Not a chance, kid. My instructions to Bruce Wayne were to keep the police out of it. If they show up you'll be killed on the spot, so be careful what you wish for."

Dick continued to protest. "Don't worry, I'll get away somehow. If you --"

King Tut interrupted him. "I'm tired of this. Shut the brat up!"

With that, one of the henchmen produced a rag and tied it around Dick's mouth, silencing him for the time being.


Bruce Wayne was in his den, reviewing the letter and photos that Alfred had found near the front door of the mansion. The photos made him sick to his stomach - they were of Dick, unconscious and tied up. They were accompanied by a letter demanding ten million dollars, to be delivered to an address in Gotham City's industrial district.

"Poor master Dick," Alfred said. "Have you any idea who's taken him, sir?"

"Based on the way he's dressed and from the other items in the photos, I'll wager King Tut's involved. I'm going to the Batcave, Alfred. I'd say this situation requires a response from Batman."

"Of course, sir. Let me know if I can be of any assistance. You'll be out there on your own this time, it seems."


Batman looked down through a skylight, having climbed up the outside of the warehouse to the roof. He saw King Tut lounging on a throne being fanned by two girls. Across the room he could see Dick tied spreadeagle between two posts. He'd need to create a diversion.

Moving to another part of the roof, Batman lowered himself through a hatch, landing in a deserted part of the warehouse. He took a few small firecrackers from his utility belt and set them in the corner. He lit them and waited.

In the throne room, King Tut and his henchmen heard the firecrackers going off and went to investigate. Batman used this opportunity to set Dick free. Removing the gag, he asked Dick if he'd been mistreated.

"No, I'm okay. I'm sure glad I'm not going to be sacrificed, though."

As Batman finished untying Dick, King Tut and his men returned to the room. "I knew it! It's the caped clown!" King Tut bellowed. "Get 'em, boys!"

A fight ensued in which Batman was glad to have Dick's help. Even barefoot and without his Robin gear, Dick helped to give Batman the advantage. However, as Batman wheeled around the room to deliver another blow, King Tut himself hit Batman on the head from behind with a large vase. Batman crumpled in a heap, and this allowed the henchmen to concentrate on Dick and subdue him.

"Now we'll have two victims to sacrifice tomorrow night," King Tut said. "Tie them both up!!"


Batman awoke to find that he was tied back-to-back with Dick.

"Are you awake, Batman?" asked Dick.

"I am, chum. How are you feeling?"

"Not bad. I'm just upset that goon got the best of me."

"You mean better, Dick. This instance calls for the comparative."

"Gosh, you're right, Batman. I shouldn't forget my grammar, even at a time like this. How are we going to get out of here?"

"If you can reach the Bat-acid in my utility belt, we may be able to burn through this rope."

Dick reached for the compartment on the side of Batman's belt where the acid was kept. After several minutes, he extracted the small flask and carefully began dripping acid onto the ropes holding Batman's wrists.

Batman began testing the ropes. He eventually felt them start to give way. "Nearly there, Dick." A moment later, his wrists were free.

"Are your hands okay, Batman?" Dick asked.

"Perfect, chum." Batman twisted around to untie Dick's hands. Each of them was reaching down to untie his feet when they heard King Tut and his men approaching.

"They're coming back", Batman said. "Leave enough rope on your legs to make it look like they're still tied. We'll keep our hands behind us and then try to surprise them."

As the group entered the room, King Tut said, "Well, Bat-boob, your time is running out. If that ten million doesn't show up, we proceed with the sacrifice. Come to think of it, the deal was only for the brat, so I might just sacrifice you anyway."

"Now!" exclaimed Batman. He and Dick sprung into action. This time, they subdued the criminal gang in short order. With the henchmen lying unconscious on the ground, Batman grabbed King Tut.

"You're going back to prison, you poor, deluded man," said Batman. "If only you could remember that youre actually a distinguished professor of Egyptian Studies." He shook his head ruefully. "It's such a waste."

"Well, Batman, at least he'll be getting the best psychological help Gotham Penitentiary can offer," Dick observed.

King Tut rolled his eyes and said, "I can hardly wait."

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