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Did you want to be the one who captured Alias Smith and Jones, or the BeastMaster? Have you always wanted to be tied up like The Dukes of Hazzard, or Supernatural's Winchester brothers? If so, enjoy these video stills from my collection of guys tied up or bound in movies and TV shows.

Here Come the Brides
"For Your Own Good"

When Joshua and Jeremy won't stop fighting, their older brother Jason applies a solution he's been using since they were boys.

Joshua glared at his younger brother. "You do this every time, Jeremy! I chopped the wood yesterday and it's your turn today. Now get out there!"

"It is not my turn! I did it two days in a row last week. Remember when you were going out on that date and didn't want to get dirty? I chopped the wood that night."

"Yes, but it was your turn anyway, just like it is today."

Jason worked on some business papers in the next room as he listened to his brothers quarreling. Some years ago, when he had to take over running the family after the loss of their parents, he had looked forward to the day when he would no longer have to watch over his brothers. Jason had since come to realize that day would never arrive; even though they were all grown men now, his brothers would always need his help and advice. For now, though, he'd leave Josh and Jeremy to work this out themselves. He'd only intervene if necessary.

"There's no way I'm chopping the wood when it's your turn!" Jeremy yelled.

Joshua struggled to keep his temper in check. "Grow up, Jeremy, will you?"
As soon as the words left his mouth Joshua knew he'd said the wrong thing. Nothing could set Jeremy off like being treated as a child, regardless of how much he was acting like one.

Jeremy lost all control at that point. He charged into Joshua, fists flying. Josh would never willingly hit Jeremy, who was much smaller, but he had to defend himself and began throwing punches of his own.

Jason, still listening, had heard enough. He rose from his desk and sprinted into the main room.
"Listen to me, you two, we do not settle quarrels in this family by fighting. Stop it right now," he ordered in his most authoritative voice. It had little effect.

Between punches, Jeremy whined, "Josh won't cut the wood, Jason, even though it's his turn."

"Don't listen to him, Jason, he's lying," Joshua countered while trying to land a few blows of his own.

Jason realized there was only one way to resolve this, although it was a method he hadn't used in several years. "Okay, boys, if you insist on fighting like children I'll have you work this out the way we always have when you won't quit fighting."

That got Joshua and Jeremy's attention. They turned to face Jason. "You can't be serious," pleaded Joshua. "We're too old for that." Jeremy used this opportunity to smack Joshua a couple of extra times.
"Besides, Jeremy started it," Josh added.

"I did not!" exclaimed Jeremy.

"Okay, that's enough. You know what to do," Jason commanded.

Jeremy and Joshua sullenly turned their backs to him as he crossed the room and retrieved two lengths of rope from the sideboard. He returned to his brothers, who obediently crossed their arms behind them.

"You realize this is ridiculous, Jason," Jeremy said, as Jason began tying his wrists together.

"It's for your own good. Once your hands are tied you can fight to your hearts' content, since you won't be able to hurt each other much. I hoped we wouldn't have to do this anymore; I'm very disappointed in both of you," Jason said, finishing up the last knots around Joshua's wrists. "Now, go back to your fight."

"We wouldn't be fighting if Jeremy would act like a man and do his work," Joshua said.

"Oh, yeah? I'm tired of you claiming you're always right!" said Jeremy as he rammed his shoulder into Joshua's chest.

After another ten minutes of fighting and struggling by his brothers, Jason decided it was time to resolve this completely. "No more, you two. I don't care whose turn it is. Can either of you forget this silly fight and go cut the wood?"

Joshua spoke up. "Well, Jason, I guess I can."

"Fine," Jason said as he moved to untie Joshua. Once he was free, Josh rubbed his wrists and added, "I'm used to doing extra work, anyway," as he headed out to the woodshed.

Jeremy sent Jason a pleading look. "Are you gonna let him get away with that?"

"The fight's over, Jeremy. Don't try to start one with me now."

"But he's lying, Jason! It's not fair for him to be untied instead of me!"

"I've heard enough out of you for one afternoon," Jason snapped as he grabbed a bandanna lying on an end table and tied it around Jeremy's mouth, stifling his reply. "You'll be set free for dinner. If you've calmed down enough, that is!" Jason stormed out of the room.

Jeremy fumed for a while. Eventually realizing there wasn't much he could do about his predicament, he settled into a chair to wait for dinnertime and the fulfillment of Jason's promise to untie him.

Some time later, having completed his task, Joshua came back into the house. Seeing Jeremy not only still tied up but now gagged as well, he figured Jeremy had said the wrong thing to Jason. As he passed Jeremy, who was making some kind of plea through his gag, he couldn't help but smirk as he headed into the kitchen.

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